Redesign and Update a legacy system to mirror new LPP V1 Drupal CMS product

4 years ago

Lightspeed All Global Circle

All Global Circle is a survey portal specific to the medical sector, targeted at doctors and practitioners.

Like for the decommissioning of legacy portal and a database switch to AWS, the production followed.
I helped to strategize a roadmap of production, giving timing estimations based on almost identical functionalities to version 1, Drupal CMS and theme and was using the same team to design, develop and implement. This was a duplicate so one third of the time of LPP 1. Documentation also was easily duplicated too. Extra functionality was through the registration process, where relevant identities and documents were to be uploaded then approved later. I mapped the new user journey and designed the new UI for a new design on the registration user experience.

  • Business requirements, analysis, and recommendations - Discovery Phase
  • UX / IA - sitemap and registration user journey
  • UI design mentor – UI brand guidelines, UI technical specifications build
  • Wireframing - lo-fidelity
  • Content and UI translation CMS strategy
  • UI components, Icons, Typography, Accessibility
  • Drupal Theming, UI Engineering - bootstrap UI framework TWIG, HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery
  • Drupal CMS E-Commerce Platform configuration
  • UX / UI mentoring
  • UI lead / Mentor

IA - Sitemap

agc sitemap

lo-fidelity wireframes of the registration form step 4 and how files are to be uploaded

ui form lo-fidelity

Implemented new form

UI consistency