A proof of concept, ideation design for bringing awareness and programs for domestic abuse to large corporations

4 years 1 month ago
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DAAL or Domestic Abuse Action League is an ideation design coming from a closely connected team programmer, targeted at the US domestic market. Domestic abuse accounts for billions in lost revenue with companies. The platform is to deliver programs to HR in support of victims.

The delivery cantered on an impactful inclusive and diverse homepage, and subdivisions such as children training in IT

  • Heuristic UX Design, - IA information architecture
  • UXR from interviewing and sitting on some meetings with program leaders
  • Logo design
  • Graphics – Infographic, images, typography
  • UI Design

DAAL homepage concept AxureRP

UI issues - consistency

CTA – Infographics and UI design, using colours for each DAAL division

UI issues - consistency