Investment document outlining product proof of concept, proposal

7 years ago
Industry Sector

Colonel Hai


A modern day Chinese chess variant “commander chess”, invented by retired Colonel of the Vietnamese Army. The game is available as Toy product for several years and has players from local community of schools and military / army users. The game is to be adapted online for initially player vs player.

Product Research

Working on PoC’s and MVP for proposed game and brand product. Interviews and observations for the chess game, from its inventor and local players.
During the examination of the product, through brainstorming sessions of the business / brand model it was found that new business could be, for a learning app product to encourage ESL (English Language Learners) and native English speakers to connect through game play. Learning English is high in the education curriculum in Vietnam.

  • Research, Development and Design for Commander Chess Online Game
  • One 2 one meetings game inventor to ensure his brand is carried through the product
  • Market analysis
  • Current Commander Chess Game Information
  • User research Social Community, Offline, Visit community events Online Target Audience
  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Production strategy
  • Produce presentation documentation for Investment, to include
  • Development costs
  • Revenue – new Online game monetization
  • physical product – brand alignment

User Research - Insights

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User Research – Personas - IA

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Conceptual homepage

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