Delivery of an arabic version of

5 years 9 months ago

Kantar Group - Lightspeed Research


The first deployment of lifepointspanel was demographically targeted to the EMEA region. Drupal used as a portal to CINT control panel and surveys respectively.


Roles and deliverables

  • Analyse incomplete project, develop strategies, roadmap
  • PM and stakeholder workshops - requirements gathering and analysis
  • Collaborate and work with projects managers and stakeholders on content production, translations, GDPR and deployment strategies
  • Collaborate and work with technical project managers and lead developers on code production and DevOps
  • Heuristic UX UI design - Information Architecture, UI design Forms
  • Drupal Architecture
  • Drupal Theming
  • TWIG, HTML, SASS/CSS, JS - UI engineering



CINT AD tracker flow PM and stakeholders workshop flow diagram

CINT AD tracker flow
pixel tracking code

Consistency in the UI, applying LPP brand to CINT form to produce clean and inline feature

UI Layout Guide
fixed branded CINT forms

Logged in sessions with CINT control panel

UI Layout Guide
fixed branded CINT forms

RTL Login and templating email in CINT

UI Layout Guide
fixed branded CINT forms