UI Lead

Redesign and Update a legacy system to mirror new LPP V1 Drupal CMS product

4 years ago
Lightspeed All Global Circle
All Global Circle is a survey portal specific to the medical sector, targeted at doctors and practitioners.

Like for lifepointspanel.com the decommissioning of legacy portal and a database switch to AWS, the production followed.

Managing the delivery of new UI design for lifepointspanel.com version 2

3 years 5 months ago
Kantar Group - Lightspeed Research
Lifepointspanel.com Version 2

A new UI from UX team. Some of the concepts I had presented to stakeholders and TPM’s had some influence the products team on iteration 2 or version 2 of lifepointspanel.com, such as registration steps, “too many colours” for example.