UX Design

Redesign and Update a legacy system to mirror new LPP V1 Drupal CMS product

4 years ago
Lightspeed All Global Circle
All Global Circle is a survey portal specific to the medical sector, targeted at doctors and practitioners.

Like for lifepointspanel.com the decommissioning of legacy portal and a database switch to AWS, the production followed.

Delivery of an arabic version of lifepointspanel.com

5 years 10 months ago
Kantar Group - Lightspeed Research


The first deployment of lifepointspanel was demographically targeted to the EMEA region. Drupal used as a portal to CINT control panel and surveys respectively.

Chiller company services page re-designed with important COVID proceedures

3 years 4 months ago
Coolmatters Ltd

Coolmatters wanted a simple services homepage including some COVID rules used when working on-site..

I created an infographic with COVID rules

Rapid recruitment platform utilising past projects and a handy pre-configured cms

6 years 4 months ago
ESL Recruitment

ESL Recruitment Ltd is a company name I setup for this platform, I still work under this name and own the domain https://eslrecruitment.co.uk Drupal PaaS was planned as proof of concept for a past client Talent Tree, this was not going forward anymore so I got permission to use th

Industry Sector

Recommended Mobile UI and CMS proposal upgrade for anyvisa

8 years 1 month ago

The organisation Britannia Travel had commissioned me to build a web portal and visa tracking solution, using Content Managed Solution Drupal 6, in 2010.

Industry Sector

Food importers in the UK sales and distribution

11 years 1 month ago
Greenfield Retail E-Commerce Platform

Part of Exotic Stores groceries company, also providing bulk import of goods from India.

Industry Sector