Responsive UI with Drupal CMS for leading marketing and design agency

11 years 1 month ago
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Make it Clear

Contracted and working closely with a technical director to build a Drupal 7 responsive site, from PDF web design specifications (desktop / mobile) and map content into Drupal CMS, delivering on desktop version (normal 960) and mobile devices in particular Iphone's 4s - 5.1Retinas landscape and portrait. The site employs a lot if use of imagery, so image sizes are rendered by device resolution and not scaled with the exception of the flex slider.



  • Team Lead – Drupal architect
  • IA Taxonomy build relationships relationships
  • Scope build development and designate plan / schedule
  • Configure Drupal 7
  • Configure delta context modules, build / configured Omega theme desktop normal and mobile devices
  • Build content types ( auto node labelling configuration, URl aliasing )
    Entity Ref
  • Configure desktop and mobile views filters, fields, contextual filters and relationships
  • Configure adaptive image styles (AIS) for multiple displays (configuration of breakpoints)
  • Menus (superfish js)
  • Theming CSS Jquery Flexi slider JS, Accordion Views TPL's HTML
  • Bugz** 
  • 1px chrome issue fixed
  • flex slider stopped working on IE10 update (jQuery issue) fixed


UI Layout Guide
UI Layout Guide
UI Layout Guide
UI Layout Guide