Legacy CMS content and users migration to Drupal CMS

8 years 11 months ago
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Case Study - Legacy CMS migration to Drupal CMS


About SharedServiceLinks


SharedServiceLinks provides a number of connecting services for a large network of users, from benchmarking tools, white papers, articles and blogs.
The project is to migrate content from Legacy CMS to Drupal CMS. The solution involves a new section, sub-domain sharespace hosting using Amazon.
The solution involves mapping existing data to Drupal’s framework and subsequently, evaluating, cleaning and adjusting IA taxonomy to integrate blazes data smoothly making improvements to the business user experience as well as customer experiences through technical functionality that was not working correctly in legacy Blaze CMS.
A new subdomain of expanded services called sharespace required some new UI designs.
Drupal 7 Architecture, Site Building, Custom Modules, API’s – Integration with Pardot.

Drupal CMS / SaaS functions included – module integration, new module development, and migration API

Drupal CMS / SaaS functionality

  • Content

    • about us
    • events – conferences
    • webinar
    • resources – studies
    • reports
    • news
    • articles
    • blogs
    • e-invoicing
    • presentations
    • KPI Game
    • Supplier Directory (sharespace)
    • Glossary
    • Cart
    • Checkout and payment
    • newsletters
    • banner ads
    • tagging
    • articles, news, blogs, strategyspace
    • benchmarking tools payable modelling, class benchmark, dynamic discounting model
    • supplierspace – list of featured suppliers, list of suppliers
    • socialspace – managed and unmanaged groups, members profiles – files, profile page, discussions, groups, create groups, private groups, invite member groups, tools.
    • Administration for content authoring is split into business user types and dashboards created with functions on / off to varying content types.
    • Super Administrator –
      • overall content
      • user
      • customer records
      • files
      • user permissions
      • requests
      • messaging
      • group moderation
      • News Editors
      • Blog Editors
      • Podcast Editors
      • Banner
      • blocks and adverts
    • Produce proposal outlining project scope, in collaboration with stakeholder
    • Partner with Account managers, Business Analysts, Technical leads
    • Product Team recruitment, mentoring
    • Stakeholder management regular updates, meetings, demos
    • Drupal 7 Architecture, Site building and Module development
    • Setup project management tools (bitrix24)
    • Setup development and deployment (GIT, JENKINS, DRUSH, LAMP, UBUNTU)
    • UX design – Information Architecture
    • UI design, Prototyping – AxureRP
    • UI engineering, Drupal Theming

Production Strategy – Timeline/Roadmap hight level

UI Layout Guide

Information Architecture – migration to content blocks/regions/pages - Sitemap

UI Layout Guide
UI Layout Guide

User import data diagram – editorial flow

conference - events model
conference - events model

User event – editorial flow

conference - events model

Conference IA model

conference - events model

Old design to new design, homepage

UI Layout Guide
UI Layout Guide

Drupal themed new homepage

UI Layout Guide